The unique «cargo consignee» code accelerates the cargo delivery

The Seaside Terminal company, a member of the ORUM group of companies, provides spotting services to stevedoring companies. To maximize efficiency, they use the «cargo consignee» code; the code is a confirmation for a certain number of railcars which can be delivered to the inner grounds of the Mykolaiv sea port. Previously, the confirmation procedure was rather bureaucratic and consumed large amounts of time, since all the confirmations had to be carried out through the dispatchers of the Mykolaiv branch of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), coordinated with PJSC «Ukrainian Railways»; that meant that only the regulatory transloading capacity of the berths could be taken into account, which in turn did not permit the use of available railway capacity at maximum efficiency. Today, thanks to the «cargo consignee» code, all queries are directed straight to the Seaside Terminal company, permitting it to redistribute train cars to stevedoring companies depending on their load. That is, for «Ukrainian Railways», the only consignee in the Mykolaiv sea port is Seaside Terminal, which allows for the company to process requests received from stevedore companies promptly, efficiently managing their logistics for cargo delivery.

For reference: Seaside Terminal is a unique transport company in the Mykolaiv region, annually providing transloading of about 9 million tons of cargo.