The success of the ORUM group became a subject of discussion at the international conference

The international conference on transport and logistics, which took place on 18-19 of September in Odessa, discussed the prospects for development of transport sector and port industry, issues of rail freight transportation, as well as the challenges that business in the sphere faces on a regular basis.

Among the delegates' speeches, the report of Sergey Pinkas, the CEO of the ORUM Group, was noted, focusing on the group's activities in the Mykolaiv port and emphasizing the importance of public-private partnerships among other things. The popular Harvard win-win business model, in which both sides of negotiations prosper, in the case of the ORUM group has transformed into a “triple win”, where not only private companies and port operators profit from cooperation, but also the state as well.

Today, thanks to the business decisions implemented by the group, conditions have been created under which the Mykolaiv port demonstrates the most dynamic cargo flow in the whole of Ukraine. Sergey Pinkas mentioned, that the model of public-private partnership in port sector implemented by the ORUM group, may quite well become a national one. Using the adjusted version of this scheme for other infrastructure areas can prove beneficial, as the results are sure to follow in the form of rapid economic growth and improved investment climate.

For reference: ORUM is the managing company of the group of companies providing a full range of cargo logistics and vessel maintenance services. These include: towing services, mooring, ships bunkering, rail freight transportation within the port (spotting services, rolling stock dispatching, locomotive and general rolling stock repair services) and stevedoring services (cargo handling).