«Seaside Terminal» has developed and implemented a unique application for railway terminal supervision

The computer program for the management of the railway terminal, a project of the Seaside Terminal company, has nearly maximized the automation of the necessary management and accounting for cargo delivery to and from the Mykolaiv port. There are no equivalents to this product in existence in the whole of Ukraine.

Seaside Terminal, LLC is a unique private operator providing spotting services and cargo transloading at the Mykolaiv port, and acts as a link between the PJSC «Ukrainian Railways» and stevedoring companies. Following the delivery of the train cars from the «Ukrainian Railways» to Seaside Terminal, the computer program constantly monitors and supplements the list of operations that are performed with them (location, port calls, re-weighing, cargo integrity checking, etc.), which allows the customers (stevedoring companies), to exercise full control over the delivery of cargo to and from the port.

The main features of the program

The software product is designed in such a way that the information reaches the end users in the shortest time possible.

On the basis of the program, a specially developed mobile application is used, with the help of which, for example, during a commercial inspection of cars, all the changes are recorded online, including taking photos during the check of cargo integrity, inspection of marking tapes, etc.

Also, very useful for tracking information is the existing integration with the weigh stations, the information from which is displayed in a united database.

The developers also combined their product with the «Delta Su» on-board system for monitoring the operating parameters of diesel locomotives, which allows tracking most of the parameters of diesel locomotives in real time and helps dispatchers to coordinate the movement of train cars with maximum efficiency.

Due to the unique features of the software product, the management of paperwork accompanying cargo transportation by rail has become convenient, with the automation of management and accounting brought to a modern level, which, in turn, makes cooperation with «Seaside Terminal» effective and mutually beneficial for all participants in the process of cargo delivery to and from the Mykolaiv port.

For reference: The «Seaside Terminal» company, a member of the ORUM group of companies, carries out a set of works  related to car spotting, dispatching and repair of rolling stock. The company owns 8 diesel switcher locomotives.