The "Seaside Terminal" company will continue to provide spotting services for Danube shipping-stevedoring company LLC, which is a part of COFCO Agri

On July 5, 2019, the "Seaside Terminal" company signed a cooperation agreement with Danube shipping-stevedoring company LLC (hereinafter “DSSC”), which is a part of the Ukrainian group of companies "COFCO Agri", owned by the Chinese company COFCO Corporation. The contract was signed for a period of one year.

The cooperation between the DSSC and the "Seaside Terminal" companies started way back in 2014, when the main Agreement on the provision of services related to the process of handling train cars was signed. During this time, the "Seaside Terminal" has established itself as a reliable partner, strictly fulfilling the terms of the contract and providing spotting services in quantities required by the stevedoring company within the stipulated time frame.

The number of train cars handled by "Seaside Terminal" LLC increases annually. In 2018, only within limits of the agreement with DSSC, the "Seaside Terminal" company managed to handle over 32 thousand train cars, which allowed the Ukrainian representative office of the Chinese company to deliver 2 million tons of cargo to the Mykolaiv port.

For reference: "Seaside Terminal" LLC, which is part of the ORUM group, provides train car spotting services to and from the territory of the Mykolaiv port by requests of stevedoring companies.