The “Seaside Terminal” company helped to achieve a local record at the Mykolaiv port in the amount of grain transloaded

The Mykolaiv port authorities have summarized the activities of the first half of the year 2019. According to the data published on the website of the Mykolaiv branch of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (MB USPA), the Mykolaiv port has bested the previous “top score” of grain transloading – at 11% more than was recorded during the same period in 2018. Speaking of numbers: for the past 6 months, within the waters of the Mykolaiv port, the transshipment rate of grain amounted to 6.9 million tons, of which 4.3 million tons - within the confines of the restricted area of the Mykolaiv port.

According to the press service of the MB USPA, 77% of that grain made it to the port in train cars, delivered there by the “Seaside Terminal” company. In total, it took more than 40 thousand train cars for such a huge amount.

The “Seaside Terminal” company congratulates the Administration of the Mykolaiv port on these record numbers, and also expresses the hope that with the further mutually beneficial cooperation between the MB USPA and the “Seaside Terminal” company, the port's cargo turnover will only keep increasing.

For reference: the “Seaside Terminal” company, which is a part of the ORUM group, provides daily spotting services for up to 600 train cars between the tacks of the Mykolaiv-Vantazhnyi station and the access tracks of the Mykolaiv port at the request of stevedoring companies. In a mere 6 months in 2019, the company managed to provide spotting services to about 67 thousand train cars.