The “Seaside Terminal” company has facilitated the delivery of about 4.5 million tons of cargo to the Mykolaiv port

Over the first half of the year, the “Seaside Terminal” has provided spotting services to 67 thousand train cars, which helped stevedoring companies to deliver about 4.5 million tons of cargo from Mykolaiv-Vantazhnyi station to the Mykolaiv port.

As noted by L. Pervak, Executive Director of the “Seaside Terminal” company, it was the efficient logistic system for train car spotting, which helped the company achieve such results, guaranteeing that partner companies get their deliveries of the planned cargo volumes at the port on time.

For reference: The “Seaside Terminal” company, a member of the ORUM group of companies, has a fleet of switcher diesel locomotives at its disposal. The company works with stevedores by providing train car spotting services, re-weighing goods, dispatching cargo, providing layover for train cars in the port area, freight forwarding, etc.