The safety of diesel locomotives of the «Seaside Terminal» company is under tight control

All diesel locomotives owned by Seaside Terminal have the unique «Delta Su» on-board system for monitoring the operating parameters of a locomotive, which permits tracking most of the diesel locomotive parameters in real time; these parameters include: speed and direction of travel, navigational data, fuel levels, distance traveled, the power characteristics of the engine-generator set, and it is also possible to integrate it with other systems and even identify the driver.

This in turn helps with locomotive maintenance, based on their technical condition and engine hours, as well as to manage the work of the locomotive crew and to prevent any safety violations. In addition, the «Delta Su» control system helps dispatchers to monitor diesel locomotive idle times and to coordinate their movement as efficiently as possible, which in turn allows Seaside Terminal to deliver cargo to the port as quickly as possible using convenient logistic systems.

For reference: «Seaside Terminal» is a closed-loop enterprise that performs a set of works related to car spotting, dispatching, locomotive and rolling stock repair, and rail freight traffic. The company owns 8 diesel locomotives.