The «Marconi» company spent 12 million hryvnias on tugboat repairs in 2018

The Marconi company provides services for mooring and unmooring vessels from the berths of the ports of the Mykolaiv region, marine pilotage services along the Bugsko-Dneprovsko-Limansky channel (BDLC), provides ice pilotage for the caravans of ships during the ice campaign, and operations concerning reversal of ships anchored at the roadstead, as well as other towing services. The company has 9 tugboats with the capacity ranging from 300 to 4'200 hp, as well as one non-self-propelled barge. In 2018, over 12 million hryvnas were spent on their repairs and maintenance. This improved the technical condition of the tugboats, decreasing their downtime, which in turn allowed the towing fleet to provide high-quality services to shipowners on the channel and the sea throughout the year.

For reference: the Marconi company, which is part of the ORUM group of companies, provides services to up to 125 vessels per month.