The CEO of the ORUM group joins Ukrainian Rail Carriers Association Council

On November 27, a unification meeting was held at the Ukrainian Rail Carriers Association, and among the invited were not only the representatives of the companies that are members of the Association, but also private enterprises that only plan to become a part of the larger professional community.

The meeting discussed the possibilities for the reformation of JSC “Ukrainian Railways”, the consequences of enacting the Law on Railway Transport, as well as the difficulties that private companies may encounter when they start working with the mainlines.

In addition, the meeting decided to appoint Sergey Pinkas, CEO of the ORUM group (the companies comprising which are members of the Association), to the position of the deputy chairman of the Ukrainian Rail Carriers Association Council.

As Sergey Pinkas noted: “The fact, that the companies of the ORUM group are members in the Association - is a good opportunity right now to find effective ways to solve many problems that have arisen in the transport sector, and do it together with other participants in the railway transportation market. After all, each company has its own experience and best practices, which can be applied presently..."

For reference: among the members of the Ukrainian Rail Carriers Association are the core management company of the ORUM group, as well as "Active Trans" and "Seaside Terminal" companies.