Tax payments of the companies of the ORUM group have increased by 27% for the past nine months

Within the 9 months of 2019 the member companies of the ORUM group have transferred more than 85.6 million UAH to the budgets of different levels, which is 18 million UAH higher than within the same period in 2018. Among these, 19 million UAH were transferred directly to the budget of the city of Mykolaiv, where the group companies operate.

Most of these tax payments came from the «Marconi» company, which transferred a total of 40.2 million UAH to budgets of different levels; the second place was taken by the «Seaside Terminal» company, with total payments amounting to 33.1 million UAH.

For reference: the companies of the ORUM group in the Mykolaiv port provide numerous services to ship and cargo owners. Namely, they provide train car spotting services, cargo dispatching, vessel mooring, unmooring, towing and moving operations, agency services, etc.