ORUM becomes a regular partner of the charity foundation EDUKIDS

Having achieved certain goals and a level of development, the ORUM group of companies decided to share social responsibility and to invest a part of its profits into the development of our younger generation. We are pleased to announce that we are becoming a regular partner of the EDUKIDS Foundation and are committed to supporting the foundation's initiatives aimed at educating Ukrainian children, as well as solving children's problems in society, which, unfortunately, the state fails to address.

The activities of the EDUKIDS Foundation in Ukraine are rather unique, considering the organization’s international experience. The Foundation is the only representative from our country in the most influential European organization for the protection of the rights of children, EUROCHILD. For many years, the EDUKIDS Foundation has systematically dealt with problems related to access to education for children from disadvantaged groups of the population, children with additional needs, and was the first in Ukraine to raise the topic of dyslexia.

The Foundation has managed to get a representative for Ukrainian children into the EUROPARLAMENT for children (although Ukraine is not a member of the European Union), which helps to bring to light the problems of the younger generation in Ukraine.

EDUKIDS educational platform, which is known to many parents and children of Kiev under the ART4KIDS brand, for several years now, has been conducting regular masterclasses in art for children starting with 3 and up to 14 years old. Such classes are also available for children with hearing problems and refugee children from the Eastern Ukraine.