In 2018 the «Seaside Terminal» company provided spotting services for over 132 thousand train cars

The Seaside Terminal company is a private operator working in the Mykolaiv sea port, providing spotting services for cars to and from the interchange track of the «Mykolaiv-Vantazhnyi» station and the access tracks of the sea port, also carrying out any necessary switching operations in the port area. At the requests from stevedoring companies, the Seaside Terminal provides spotting service to about 400 train cars on a daily basis, with various types of cargo, including: grain, metal rolls, grist, construction materials, fertilizers, etc. Summing up its activities for 2018, the company provided spotting services to over 132 thousand train cars, handling over 9 million tons of cargo.

For reference: the Seaside Terminal company, a member of the ORUM group of companies, has 8 diesel switcher locomotives at its disposal. The company is providing spotting services to stevedoring companies, re-weighing goods, dispatching cargo, providing layover for cars in the port area, freight forwarding etc.