Railroad freight transportation

Full cycle enterprise, performing a whole range of works on rail car delivery/removal, dispatching and repair works of rolling and tractive rail stock. In addition, the company is engaged in the repair, maintenance and construction of railway tracks and forwarding of freight.

As of today, the facilities of the group allow for delivery of up to 800 000 tons of various cargoes to the port per month.

The company is the first in Ukraine to implement software allowing real-time tracking of cargo, locomotives traffic, maintenance of various works on the delivery/unloading of rail cars. This system allows to maximize the utilization of the Mykolaiv sea port’s capabilities, which will increase port’s cargo transshipment capacity from 10 million tons to 16 million tons per year in the coming years.

feature 145 thousand wagons

per year

feature 15 million tons
of transported freight

per year

feature 9

diesel locomotives

feature 400