Companies comprising the ORUM group have paid over 78 million UAH in government taxes

After summarizing the annual activities of the enterprises comprising the ORUM group, it turned out that more than 78 million hryvnias (UAH) were transferred to the local and state budget in 2018 as taxes. The undisputed leader among these companies is the "Marconi" company; its listed taxes amounted to more than 40 million hryvnias, that is, 51.5% of the total. The second place by the amount of tax transfers is firmly held by the "Seaside Terminal" company. Its reported taxes amounted to more than 26 million hryvnias, which is 33.9% of the total sum.

For reference: ORUM is the managing company of the group of companies providing a full range of cargo logistics and vessel maintenance services. These include: towing services, mooring, ships bunkering, rail freight transportation within the port (spotting services, rolling stock dispatching, locomotive and general rolling stock repair services) and stevedoring services (cargo handling).