2.5 million tons - the result of the “Seaside Terminal” company’s work for the first quarter of the year

In the first quarter of 2019, the “Seaside Terminal” company has provided spotting services for almost 40 thousand train cars to stevedores to the Mykolaiv port. Having organized the logistic work as efficiently as possible, the company was able to handle almost 2.5 million tons of cargo. Every day the “Seaside Terminal” company provides spotting service to up to 600 train cars between the interchange track of the “Mykolaiv-Gruzovoi” station and the access tracks of the Mykolaiv port.

It is expected that after the reconstruction of the station “Mykolaiv-Gruzovoi” is complete (the plans for which were developed and implemented by the “Seaside Terminal” company together with the PJSC "Ukrainian Railways"), the capacity to handle cargo will increase to 960 train cars per day, which, in turn, will lead to significant increase in cargo turnover in the port.

For reference: the “Seaside Terminal” company is a closed-loop enterprise, providing a number of services, including car spotting, dispatching, rolling stock repair works, etc. The company has a number of switcher locomotives at its disposal.